For VCI Brasil, the three dimensions of sustainable development - economic, social and environmental - are vital to add present and, mainly, future value to the organization.

The activities of VCI Brasil are licensed by the environmental agencies, as determined by Brazilian law. The generated industrial waste is recycled or properly destined, without harming the environment.

Since the beginning of its activities, VCI’s technology in Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors - VCI – has been synonymous of "ecologically correct technology", because it has eliminated the need for degreasing of metal parts that generated polluting effluents. In addition to being considered clean, VCI technology has eliminated the use of highly polluting chemical degreasers. It also suppressed the expenditure of water and time used to wash the parts which, when packed with VCI, do not require grease protection to prevent corrosion/oxidation.

In 2007 and 2008, the commitment to the environment advanced to the rationalization of waste generation. Relying on the experience and technology of our R&D department, significant investments were made in the creation of a water or oil-based additive - V-active® technology. These activated products act throughout the customer's production chain, helping considerably to eliminate the waste of raw materials caused by the rapid oxidation action.

At VCI Brasil, the practice of recycling is encouraged through compartments, properly identified (according to CONAMA standards), and located at strategically reserved points throughout the plant. Recycling involves the separation of the different materials, their compaction and the allocation to the competent entities.

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