Reports & Certifications

SGS – Quality System – ISO 9001:2008 
Certificate of Approval Number BR02/00580 Rev.04 Valid up to 09/14/2018. (Certificate valid for packaging materials containing or not VCI, V-active anticorrosive additive, oil-based and solvent-based industrial fluids containing V-active).

IKS - Dresden/Germany Presence of Chemicals
Material FREE of  Nitrite Salts and Primary and Secondary Amines

IKS - Dresden/Germany VCI Protective Efficiency 
Tests of Efficiency K-Test, KDW-Test, KON-Test, DIS-Test, DISU-Test

IPT USP/Brasil – VCI protective efficiency
Tests of efficiency in various metallic materials and alloys, such as uncoated Carbon Steel, Plated Carbon Steel, Chrome Carbon Steel and Tinned Carbon Steel.

SGS – Compliance with the Policy RosH MS010
(Restrictive on the use of Hazardous Substances) – Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent chromium, Bromophenols.
Certificate of Approval Number 0607024/25/26 Rev00

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